Rules Change Log

Beta 4.2.0 Feb 5, 2024

Improved Scenario rules

Cleaned up and improved scenario rules in the rulebook

Seeker Team stealth

The seeker team no longer loses its Stealth Token after performing an attack.

The Seeker Team was a little under powered

Spider Drone Soldier Sprint

Added the Sprint action to the spider drone soldier unit: cost C, place this Unit's sub-units within 6" of their current position. This Action may be only used once per Activation.

The spider drone soldier unit was a little under powered and not useful for reactions. This update should correct this.

Beta 4.0.0 Jan 5, 2024

Table Size

The suggested table size has been changed from 4x4 ft to 4x6 ft.

Scanning Modifiers

Change scanning modifiers to the following:

  • -1 for Pings in LOS but concealed
  • -2 for Pings completely out of LOS

Guardian Unit SPD Stat

Increase the SPD stat of the Coalition Guardian Units from 4" to 5".

The 4" move is too slow and makes it difficult to maneuver the large base of the Guardian Units.

Stunning and Tagging

Individual infantry stands in multi-base Units can be stunned or tagged instead of the whole unit.

The Sentinel: Tagger's tag ability (and its stun effect) will now only target and affect a single infantry base.

This will be a downside for infantry units as it will be possible to be forced to remove multiple stuns from one unit costing more resources. This balances out some of the advantages infantry units have.

Auto Revealing

Removed the LOS requirement from "A Ping may never move within 2" and LOS of an enemy Unit or Ping."

Rename Infantry Bases

Infantry Bases are now referred to as Sub-Units or sometimes Sub-Unit Bases.

Reactions and Overwatch Actions

Added the following clarification:

"When resolving a reaction a Unit may spend its Action Point to perform an Overwatch Action and gain a new Overwatch Token to be used in a future Reaction Engagement. Units performing an Overwatch Action this way may not perform any other actions during this activation."

Unit Taskforces at the end of the Round

The following has been part of play forever, but was missing:

"If the Non-Active Player has activated all of their Units this Round, the Active Player must include all of their remaining Units in one Taskforce."