Painting Downsync Pings

The Downsync Pings are laser cut clear acrylic circles. When painted they create a hologram like optical illusion. They are masked to make paining them easy. The Tick Marks help differentiate their size.

Ping Paint Diagram
Get Materials
  • Pings
  • Spray Paint
  • A Knife/Scraper
  • Well ventilated area for spraying

You do not need expensive spray paint. Paint sticks very well to the acrylic Pings and primer is not needed. You can use cheap spray paint ideally for outdoor use so it is more durable.

Get materials
Remove Ring Masking

Peel off the out circle of paper on the bottom of the Ping. Using a knife/scraper makes this easier.

Peel masking off
Layout For Spraying

Leave enough space between them to spray the sides.

Layout for spraying
Spray First Coat

Spray an even first coat on the bottom and sides of the Pings.Then let them dry for about an hour.

Spray first coat
Spray Second Coat

Let them dry for about 8 hours or overnight.

Spray second coat
Paint Tick Marks and Remove Masking

Pick a color that contrasts with the spray color for the tick marks. Paint a few light coats applied with a 1 or 0 size brush. I used Vallejo Game Color 72.095 Glacier Blue.

Then remove the remaining masking.

Paint tick marks and remove remaining masking

Final Result

Red army result
Blue army result

All Photos by Pat Fitzgerald