About Downsync


Downsync was created by Carl Olsen in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. He designed the rules and 3D modeled the vehicle miniatures for the game in Blender.


Vehicle and Spider Drone miniatures are 3d printed in resin by Alchemy 3d prints .

Metal human infantry and power armor miniatures are from Khurasan Miniatures .


All the people that helped make Downsync a reality.

Amber Olsen
Supportive wife, Playtesting, Demoing
Yann "DevilSquid" Folange
Game/Unit design, Story, Playtesting, Demoing
Joseph Horner
Game/Unit design, Story, Playtesting, Demoing
Moran Goldstein
Designed the Spider Drones, Story, 3d modeling consulting
Patrick Murray
Vinicius Machado
Designed the Spider Drone sunset river artwork in Blender
Pat Fitzgerald
Ping Painting Guide