A fast-paced 15mm scale sci-fi miniature wargame like nothing you've seen before.

Hidden Movement With No Bookkeeping

Units begin the game as pings. You decide what unit a ping will be when you (or opposing recon) reveal it. The ping can become any un-deployed unit in your army with the same size.

Fluid Activation System

Players alternate activating Taskforces which can be any combination of their units. Every unit activates once per round but when and in what groups is up to you.

Simple Army Building

Downsync armies contain 11 units: 4 small, 5 medium, and 2 large. Pick your faction, fill your unit slots, and you're ready to go.

Fast Gameplay

A game of Downsync takes around 50 minutes.

Downsync miniatures on the battlefield

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“All warfare is based on deception.”

–Sun Tzu

Spider Drones patroling in the forest