Downsync Quick Reference [Beta 4.2.0] Last Updated Feb 5, 2024

Taskforce Activation Phases

  • Designate: Select Units/Pings to be included in the Taskforce
  • Reveal: Any Pings in the Taskforce may be Revealed
  • Refresh: Regenerate Countermeasures and resolve special abilities
  • Move: Move all Units/Pings in the Taskforce
  • Reaction Engagement (optional): The non-active player may initiate a Reaction Engagement
  • Unit Activation: Activate each Unit in the Taskforce one at a time gaining 1 Action Point to spend on the following:
    • Unit Card Action(s): Pay the cost of each action performed
    • Move Action: Move up to SPD in inches
    • Overwatch Action: Unit gains an Overwatch Token

Unit Tokens

Activated Green
Countermeasure (CM) White
Emergency CM Yellow
Overwatch Purple
Stun Orange
Stealth Black

Stun Token

When a Unit with a Stun Token activates it must spend an Action Point, Countermeasure Token, or Command Point then the Stun Token is removed.

Stealth Token

A Unit with a Stealth Token can only be targeted by enemy Actions with a REVEAL effect. A Unit looses the token when it performs a Combat Action or it suffers a REVEAL effect or an enemy Unit is within 2" after any Unit ends a move. A Unit cannot gain a Stealth Token if an enemy Unit is within 2" and cannot have more than 1.

Command Point Abilities

A Command Point may be spent to do one of the following:

  • Boost a Roll: Boost any roll. Only once per roll. Declared before rolling.
  • Remove Stun Token: Remove a Stun Token from a Unit before its Unit Activation.
  • Add a Unit to a Reaction Engagement see: Adding Additional Non-Active Player Units.
  • Unit Ability: Some Units have Actions or Traits that cost Command Points on their Unit Card.


When a Unit performs an Attack, select an enemy Unit within the Combat Action's Range and LOS, then perform an Attack Roll against it.

Attack Roll = 2d6 + TARG stat + mods vs Unit DEF.

Modifiers Mod
Short Range ( < 6" )* +1
Long Range ( > 16" ) -1
Target Concealed -1
Outcome Result
Attack Roll >= Unit Defense Hit
Attack Roll < Unit Defense Miss

*Combat Actions with a range stat of 6" or less do not gain the short range bonus.

If the Attack Roll is successful apply the effect of the Action to the target. The target may attempt to negate the effects of the Combat Action with Countermeasures.

Scan Check

When a Unit performs a Scan Check, select an enemy target within the Scan Action's Range and perform a Scan Roll against it. Scan targets do not need to be in LOS but must be in range.

Scan Roll = 2d6 + SCAN stat + mods vs Target Defense.

If the target is a Unit the Target Defense is equal to its DEF stat.

If the target is a Ping the Target Defense depends on its Signature.

Ping Signature DEF (Defense)
Small 14
Medium 13
Large 12
Ping Concealed in LOS -1
Ping out of LOS -2
Outcome Result
Scan Roll >= Target Defense Success
Scan Roll < Target Defense Failure

Countermeasure Check

Roll 3+ on 1d6 to negate the effect of one attack.

Outcome Result
1d6 roll >= 3 Success
1d6 roll < 3 Failure

Emergency Countermeasures automatically succeed Countermeasure Checks.

Reaction Priority Roll

All participating Units roll 1d6 to determine its Reaction Priority. Keep the die with the result next to the Unit and remove the die after it has completed its Unit Activation.

Reaction Priority Rolls may be Boosted like all other rolls. If a Unit has an Overwatch Token its Priority Roll is automatically Boosted without spending a Command Point.

Universal Actions

All Units can perform the following actions for 1 Action Point each:

Move Action

Unit may move up to its SPD in inches. A unit that suffered a terrain movement penalty in its movement phase does not suffer further penalties.

This means that Units can move up to double their SPD in one turn if they use their Action Point to move a second time.

Overwatch Action

Unit gains an Overwatch Token. Units with an Overwatch Token may participate in Reaction Engagements even though they have already activated this round. Their Reaction Priority Rolls are Boosted without spending a Command Point.

Boosting Rolls

When a die roll is Boosted an additional 1d6 is rolled, and the lowest die is discarded. Abilities and effects such as spending a Command Point can Boost die rolls. A roll can only be Boosted once. If multiple effects cause a roll to be Boosted more than once, it has no additional effect.